SKS Supershort Mini Bike Pump Review

SKS Supershort Mini Bike Pump

SKS Supershort Mini Bike Pump

The SKS Supershort Mini Bike Pump  is the shortest and most light weight high quality air pump on the market today. It is manufactured by the German company Karl Scheffer-Klute that began making bicycle parts and accessories back in 1932.

The Supershort pump is designed with telescopic features to help make it easier to use and to store when not in use. Its overall length when in the compressed position is only 164 mm or 6 ½ “.  When in functional mode there is a T-handle so the user will have a sure grip on the pumps active mechanism.  The T-handle is the cover for the telescoping part of the pump.

This mini pump has attachments that allow you to inflate tires with three different types of valves. It is compatible with the US Schrader valve, AV, the Presta valve, SV and the Dunlop valve, DV. The pump itself can inflate a tire up to 87 psi of 6 bars. The total weight of the SKS Supershort Mini Bike Pump is 103 grams or 3.6 ounces.

This light weight mini pump can be easily carried in your pocket or there is also a mounting bracket so it can be secures to the bike frame. The quick release of the clamp makes it possible to get you back on the road or in the race as fast as possible. Click Here for More SKS Supershort Mini Bike Pump Reviews or to See Pricing.

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