Cannondale Quick 4 Review

So, you’d like a bike that was fast and nimble like a road bike, yet had more of a traditional upright riding position — instead of the more bent-over riding position and curved “drop” handlebars sported by modern road bikes and the “10 Speeds” of years ago.  Luckily, a lot of other people are in the same boat, and these days there are many bikes like this called a variety of names such as “hybrid bikes” (sometimes confusing with bikes with electric motors also), “fitness bikes” and “flat-bar road bikes”.  Bicycle manufacturer Cannondale has a line of bikes in the genre called the Cannondale Quick bicycle.  The Cannondale Quick comes in many different variations, but we’ll focus on the Cannondale Quick 4 — which, with its aluminum frame, carbon fork, and upgraded shifters, is a nice upgrade from the Quick 5 and Quick 6 models.  Here is my Cannondale Quick 4 review: . . . [Read More]

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