Topeak JoeBlow Max HP Floor Pump Review

Topeak JoeBlow Max HP Floor Pump

Topeak JoeBlow Max HP Floor Pump

The Topeak JoeBlow Max HP Floor Pump is a high performance air delivery system to help you keep your bicycle tires inflated to the correct pressure for the safest possible ride.  To help make this air pump is compatible as possible, it has a heavy duty double sided air valve. It can be used with Presta, Schrader and Dunlap valves.

The construction of the pump itself is made to ensure long life. The main barrel is made of high quality steel which is securely mounted to a wide composite base so the pumping action is not hindered with side wobble.  The top handle has extra padding so a firm grip is always accomplished.

At the base of the air pump is an analog gauge so you always know the pressure of the tire being filled.  The efficiency of this pumps is experienced when it only takes 15 stokes to achieve 100 psi.  The maximum amount of pressure this pump is capable of delivering is 160 psi.  Therefore, this pump can achieve high enough pressures to be suitable for any type
of bike, from fat-tired cruisers to high pressure tires found on road bikes and triathlon bikes.

The hose is extra long for ease of use. It can be securely attached over the top of the handle then partially down the side to help keep the handle in place and protect the end of the hose when it is stored. The overall weight of the Joe Blow is 3.06 lbs.  Click Here for More Topeak JoeBlow Max HP Floor Pump Reviews or to See Pricing.

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