Topeak Mini DXG MasterBlaster Bike Pump Review – Preliminary

Topeak Mini DXG MasterBlaster – click for more reviews or to buy.

The Topeak Mini DXG Master Blaster is a compact bicycle pump designed to be mounted on your bikes frame.  This Topeak bike pump has dual-action pumping which pumps in both directions of motion and therefore can make it faster for users to pump air.  The in-line gauge of the Topeak mini pump displays the current air pressure in the tire. The pump has a thumb-lock lever that locks the pump on the valve stem while inflating.

The Topeak Masterblaster bike pump has an aluminum barrel and plastic grip and is relatively light and easy to mount.  The mounting bracket uses the same two bolts that hold your water bottle cage.  The mount holds the pump slightly off to the side, so you can still attach a water bottle cage with no problem.

One fairly unique aspect of the Topeak DXG MasterBlaster is that it has a unique pump head that automatically works on both presta and schrader bicycle valve stems — without having to switch out any parts.   The dust cap is integrated into the mounting bracket for the bike pump, and keeps the head portion clean.  Click here for more Topeak mini MasterBlaster reviews or to buy.

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