Topeak Peakini II Mini Pump Review

Topeak Peakini II Mini Pump

Topeak Peakini II Mini Pump

The Topeak Peakini II Mini Pump is a single action light weight air delivery system that is highly efficient.  To help give the user a firm grip a T-handle is attached to the top of the pump.

This mini pump from Topeak is capable of adding air to a tire up to 90 psi.  It also a seal around Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valve stems. To help protect the internal guts of the air pump there is a side mounted head dust cap mounted at the end of the air exit nozzle. The ergonomic T-handle is on a swivel so it can be easily used then positioned back for easy and streamlines storage. The head and barrel of this air pump is molded of single construction.

The barrel, thumb lock and T-handle are all made out of a high quality polymer composite. The size of the Topeak Peakini II Mini Pump is 10.8” x 2” x 1.3”. The overall weight is 5.46 ounces.

This mini pump can be easily mounted to the frame of your bike so you will always have available to you road side assistance.

The Topeak Peakini II Mini Pump is capable of delivering more air in a single pump that nearly every other mini pumps on the market. This will reduce your down time due to a flat tire while on the road. Click Here for More Topeak Peakini II Mini Pump Reviews or to See Pricing

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