Velo Orange Model 3 Bicycle Saddle – Preliminary Review

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The saddle (seat) of a bicycle is one of the most important elements for a long bike ride because the cyclist should feel comfortable with the sitting position and there should be enough support and cushion for the posterior portion of the body. In many cases, it also reflects the personal preferences of users. This is why a considerable amount of time and effort should go into choosing the right saddle.

The Velo Orangle model 3 saddle is ideal for those who spend vast amounts of time biking through different terrains. They are made of Australian cowhide and this gives the perfect support for the rider. Moreover, it is sturdy and is comfortable even for long-distance biking. Another unique aspect of the Velo orange model 3 touring saddle is that the loose ends are tied at the middle and so, the chances for the edges to splay out over a period of time is less, thereby making it more safe and long-lasting for users. The rivets are made of chrome and can add a higher measure of sturdiness.

Some might find the Velo Orange equivalent of Brooks B17 saddle to be even better than the Brooks model because its rails are about 10mm longer for more support. The best part about this saddle is its dimensions. At about 170mm width and 285mm length, this Velo orange saddle is the perfect size for long-distance biking as well as a casual ride across town. All these features make it the top choice for saddle among serious and casual cyclists today.  Click here for more Velo Orange model 3 saddle reviews or to buy.

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