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Wabi Cycles is a bicycle company based in Los Angeles, which specializes in fixed-gear/single-speed bicycles. We reviewed their steel Wabi Classic fixed-gear bicycle about a year ago, and were really impressed.  So, we were really excited to recently have the opportunity to review Wabi’s super-light Wabi Lightning bicycle.  This article will be our preliminary Wabi Lightning review where we’ll review the Wabi Lightning’s components, and we’ll follow-up with a detailed riding review soon.

Wabi sells their bikes through the internet, so the first thing to mention is that the bike was very carefully shipped with about every bit of it wrapped in a protective covering.  The Lightning emerged from these in pristine condition, and its “Dreamsicle Orange” finish really looked like a million bucks, and it felt extremely light lifting it out of the box, weighing approximately 15 pounds.

Wabi Lightning Specifications

One major part of that light weight is that the Wabi Lightning has a scandium frame and a carbon fiber fork which is painted to match the frame.  As I mentioned, the paint job is great, with only two Wabi decals that are minimal and look nice, giving the bike a very clean look overall.

Wabi Lightning Single SpeedThe Wabi Lightning frame rides on Kenda K191 Koncept 700x23c tires with kevlar beads, mounted on Jalco rims with machined sidewalls connected by stainless spokes to Joy Tech sealed hubs.  While Wabi allows you to choose different gearing configurations, my review bike is set up in the standard configuration of at 46t Andel crank connected with a gold bicycle chain to an 18t Andel fixed cog in the back.  Since the Wabi comes with a flip-flop rear hub, I asked Wabi to add an optional freewheel also so I could ride the Lightning in single-speed mode also.


Wabi Lightning HandlebarsAgain, Wabi allows you many configuration options, but my standard configuration Lightning came with a plain “racing” saddle and bullhorn handlebars.  The handlebars have top-mount Tektro brake levers connected to Tektro caliper brakes.

The Lightning comes standard with front brake only (since fixed gear riders don’t need a rear brake), but since I knew I’d be using the bike in single-speed mode a lot, my review model has the optional rear brake also (the stainless steel clips to hold the rear brake cable can be removed, leaving the top-tube clean).

So, the Wabi Lightning has a nice set of components and is a great looking bike that feels as light as a feather.  Be sure to check back with us soon for our next Wabi Lightning review of the Lightning’s ride characteristics.  In the mean time, you can find more information about the Lightning on the Wabi Cycles websiteUPDATE: Since this article, we have now published our Wabi Lightning Riding Review.

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