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The Wabi Lightning is a fixed-gear/single-speed bicycle made by Wabi Cycles in Los Angeles.  In our preliminary Wabi Lightning review, we detailed the Lightning’s frame and component specifications.  I’ve had the opportunity to ride the Wabi Lightning a good bit in the past month or so, so now I’ll share my riding review of the Wabi Lightning.

The Wabi Lightning feels good on the road, with a ride that is quick and nimble.  With its light scandium frame you do feel bumps in the road a bit more that you do with the plush ride of the steel frame on the Wabi Classic, but that is a trade off for the Lightning being 3 pounds lighter than the Classic.  And you really feel the weight difference when climbing on the Lightning — there was a noticeable difference in the amount of hills where I could stay seated on the Lightning, where on those same hills I usually need to stand up to pedal on other single-speed bikes I’ve ridden.  The Lightning loves to climb hills.

The Wabi Lightning felt very responsive in turns, and I quickly became very comfortable with the  bike’s handling.  The gearing was perfect for the hilly area in which I live, and when using the freewheel it was quick to engage.  The Lightning’s brakes also worked flawlessly and consistently.

In fact, the only nit I can pick with the Lightning is that the “racing” saddle that is the default saddle is not super comfortable to me (even in padded cycling shorts).  However, saddle preferences are a very individual choice, and Wabi also has other saddle options at no extra cost.

I used the Wabi Lightning for training rides in place of my geared road bike to get a great workout, and I also put a rack on it and used it around town for errands (and I rode it a lot just to ride).  Whatever the purpose, the Wabi Lightning was always a lot of fun to ride.

The Verdict
The Wabi Lightning is a super light bike with nice components that handles great on the road and climbs hills like a champ.  For more information about the Wabi Lightning, be sure to check out the Wabi Cycles website.


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