WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer Review

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

When you hook up the WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer to your bike, you and your child can ride in tandem to explore their new world. This can assist a parent in helping their child to learn how to ride a bike and keep their balance. It can also be used to help both of your to negotiate busy roads with no worry that your child would pull out into traffic at an inappropriate time.

The new hitch design is on a swivel so it will follow the lead bike just like a trailer and not a fixed structure. This is safer for both riders.  To help protect your child just in case it is raining or there are puddles on the road, there is a splash guard mounted on the lower portion of the bike to deflect any possible moisture or mud that would have been released from the front bike’s rear tire.

This WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike has a 20” rear wheel and is equipped with folding handlebars that are secure during the ride but can be easily folded up for storage. The seat is cushioned so the child can concentrate on their ride. When they feel like it the child can pedal the bike or just coast along for a free ride. This trailer bike has no brakes so safety is not an issue. This bike also has a safety flag to help others on the road to notice your child is behind you.  The trailer bike is compatible with riders up to 75 pounds. Click Here for More WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer Reviews or to See Pricing.

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