Xeccon Spiker 1211 Cycling Light Preliminary Review


Xeccon Spiker 1211 Mountain Biking Light

Xeccon Spiker 1211 Bike Light

Xeccon is a company based in China that manufactures several different types of lights for cycling, and also makes lights for scuba diving.  They were kind enough to send us a Xeccon Spiker 1211 headlight to review.  In this review we’ll review the specifications of the Spiker 1211, and we’ll post another Spiker 1211 review soon that gives our impressions from riding with the Spiker.

Xeccon Spiker 1211 Bike Light Specifications

The Xeccon Spiker 1211 is a LED bicycling headlight that can be mounted on your handlebars or helmet.  The Spiker 1211 consists of 2 main parts — the headlight and the battery pack.  The headlight itself is about an inch tall and about 2 inches long, has a CREE XM-L LED that is stated to produce 650 lumens (Note: Xeccon advises it is now rated at 850 lumens). The Spiker 1211 light is indeed very bright.

The Spiker 1211 bicycle headlight is controlled by a single button in the back, which cycles between high, low, flashing and off selections — the button glows green when fully charged, then blue, and then red when nearing the end of its charge. The headlight plugs into the battery pack with a connection that is nice and secure.

Xeccon Spiker 1211 Accessories

The battery pack consists of a rubber coated lithium ion battery that is nicely protected in a “wetsuit” battery pack.  The battery itself has a nice long cord, and the battery pack has two wide velcro straps that provide for very secure attachment to your bike frame.  The battery unplugs from the headlight for charging, attaching to the cord on the charger supplied with the light.  The battery for my review sample is stated to be good for up to 3.5 hours of using the light, but please note Xeccon has now changed to a Samsung battery that should be good for between 4.5 hours (on high) or 14.5 hours (on low).

Xeccon Spiker 1211 Mountain Biking Light and Mounting Hardware

Xeccon Spiker 1211 & Accessories

The Spiker 1211 comes with two different sized O-rings for mounting either on your handlebars or helmet.  The Spiker also comes with a helmet mounting strap and extra velcro for managing the cable length.

I have been impressed with the quality appearance of the Spiker 1211 and the brightness of the light.  I will post a more detailed riding review of the light very soon, but let me state that so far I have been quite impressed.

In the mean time, you can find more information about the Xeccon Spiker 1211 at http://www.cycling-lights.com/Spiker_1211_-_Mini_helmet_light.html.  The light has a suggested retail price around $90.

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